Faith-Based Journeys

Many of us today travel abroad for a spiritual experience—the opportunities to visit ancient temples, cathedrals and other historic religious sites introduced to us through our religious denomination or study. Over the past few years, Americans have been seeking out international vacations specifically designed to explore their religion and deepen their faith.

Today, one-third of all international travelers are likely to take a religious vacation in the future. For international leisure travelers, one in ten have already been abroad on a faith-based vacation. For faith-based travelers, more than 40 percent of all American international leisure travelers have at least some desire to get in touch with their religious heritage and deepen their spiritual faith while traveling. Today, approximately 50 percent of all religious travelers are Protestant. The Roman Catholic faith-based travelers represent about one-fourth of the those who choose faith-based travel. Of all religious travelers today, one-third are active in their church, temple or synagogue.

Israel is the number one destination in the list of countries that travelers have already visited on a faith-based journey, followed by Italy and Greece . Israel is the most cited desirable destination for faith-based travel. Italy is also a top contender of desirable destinations, along with England.

What to expect on a
Faith-Based Journey

Faith-based journeys are designed as a travel and faith experience – you will learn more about the world in which you live and deepen your faith. On a faith-based journed, you can expect several sightseeing visits to spiritual sites, accompanied by expert commentary from your Profesional Tour Manager or knowledgeable Local Guides and Historians. You will also enjoy traditional sightseeing and cultural exchanges with the locals.

In addition, you will also enjoy plenty of free time for exploration on your own or choose to take an optional tour. Dining experiences of the local culture may be included. There will be time for shopping. Each day-by-day itinerary, as well as “Journey Highlights” will describe what will be included so you will know exactly what to expect each day of your tour.

Specific journey features will be included by denomination. For example, on a faith-based journey for the Catholic denomination it will not be unusual to find a priest among your fellow travelers. Time will be scheduled for a short daily mass. Otherwise, your Tour Manager will know what times Masses are held at the various churches and shrines you’ll visit. Each journey will focus on experiences that will deepen your faith no matter what denomination your roots of spiritual growth are centered in.

You will find that the other travelers on your faith-based journey will likely have similar spiritual interests. Traveling with these like-minded companions will offer interesting conversations over group meals, during sightseeing visits and while traveling together by motorcoach or cruise ship. The fellowship and new friends you will forge on a faith-based journey is one of the most important highlights of participating in a faith-based journey.

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