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Building or Stengthening the Travel Ministry
at Your Church or Faith Community

In the last few years, the face of faith-based travel has greatly evolved. It no longer represents only travel to destinations such as Israel or Rome. And, it is no longer only for those segments of your congregation or faith community who are retired or possess a higher than average household income. Faith-based travel now includes Christian themed cruises, retreats and conferences combined with vacations, as well as travel to destinations and attractions that combine spiritual enrichment with rest, relaxation, or adventure. Additionally, the increased availability and affordability of faith-based travel products provides churches, ministry groups, faith communities and the like with opportunities to incorporate travel into their community-wide initiatives to help them achieve ministry objectives such as outreach, evangelism, missions, discipleship training, and fellowship.

The knowledge of faith-based travel and its impact on our everyday lives has been pronounced by Kevin J. Wright, one of the world's most recognized faith-based travel authorities. He is the founder and President of the World Religious Travel Association, the leading worldwide network for faith-based tourism. He is also the Chairman of the World Religious Travel Expo and President of the Religious Marketing Consulting Group. The WRTA offers many programs to enhance a faith communities efforts to build or strengthen your travel ministry.


Offered by the World Religious Travel Association

1. Deepens faith
2. Enriches life
3. Builds fellowship and enlivens a community
4. Enables members to experience faith sites first-hand
5. Develops greater insight into one's personal faith
6. Makes religious history, heritage, and culture come alive
7. Faith-based travel touches every aspect of the human person
including spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically
8. Provides faith-based vacation option for members
9. Appeals to all ages including retirees, families, couples, singles, and youth
10. Offers outreach opportunities to inactive or non-members
11. Fills travel participants with inspiration, purpose, or healing in life
12. Presents chance to see the world and God's creation
13. Opportunity to learn about world history, events, cultures, politics, and peoples
14. Creates closer bond between church/organization leaders and members
15. Travel Ministry can provide for free travel or possibly serve as a fundraiser.


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